About Jordan

Hi I’m Jordan. I’m a newly wed and recent graduate with my PhD in Molecular Biology. While in graduate school I lived in Manhattan Beach, CA and I currently live in La Jolla, CA; two cities known for their posh lifestyles. As a graduate student with a measly stipend, I struggled to enjoy the swanky experiences that the city had to offer.

With a little savvy resourcefulness, I learned how to enjoy the finer things in life while on a budget. On my blog, you will find my budget-friendly journeys in natural hair, wine & food, graduate school, and other lifestyle experiences to guide you to living a Golden life!


<3, Jordan

Shot by: Donna Salberg Photography

Shot by: Donna Salberg Photography

About Stephen

My husband, Stephen, has been working in the restaurant industry for almost 15 years. He has held a number of different positions from working in the kitchen at a seafood and steak restaurant, to working as a server at an upscale Italian restaurant, to managing/ establishing a full bar in Los Angeles. As a Sommelier (Wine expert), he is very knowledgeable about wines and loves guiding diners through a cultural experience using wine and food. Stephen will be guest writing on our Food + Wine blogs. He will help us feel like experts when we order from the next wine list or when we don't know which bottle to buy at the grocery store! Along with being one of the smartest people I know, he is also the most handsome :)