DIY: Corkboard Jewelry Hanger

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Now that it’s springtime that means it is time for organizing!

Admittedly, I wish I were more organized. I am constantly looking at organization pins on Pinterest but never actually implementing the tips. However, having my jewelry piled up all over my dresser (and bathroom... and living room... hehe) was getting to me. I finally made this DIY Corkboard Jewelry Hanger to have a central location for all my jewelry!


It makes finding jewelry for the day so easy and taking it off at night is as simple as hanging it back up!

From cluttered dresser to beautiful, organized jewelry hanger.

From cluttered dresser to beautiful, organized jewelry hanger.

Last spring I made this jewelry holder to hang on the wall. It allowed me to clear up the top of my dresser and it makes picking a piece of jewelry that much easier! I am a big fan of cheap DIYs that are not only cute but also useful.

What you will need:

A large piece of cork board (I used 20’’ x 30’’ piece; Here is one from the DollarTree)

Fabric glue

Cute pushpins

Gorilla Glue Epoxy (Optional)

Piece of Rope

A large piece of fabric (enough to have ~1 inch overlap on your cork board)

How to:

1.     Iron your fabric or toss in the dryer to get out any wrinkles. (I didn't do this step and I wish I had. As you can see from the pictures, my fabric is quite wrinkled.)

2.     Lay it flat on the ground (or large table) with the right side of the fabric facing down

IMG_1694 2.JPG

3.     Place the cork board in the center of your fabric

4.     Place a line of fabric glue on the edge of your fabric and flip over to the back of the cork board. Hold it down firmly for a few seconds.


5.     On the opposite end of the board, repeat the same process gluing down the fabric to the backside of the cork board, pulling the fabric taught.

6.     To make the corners flat, flip the corner over so a triangle of fabric remains. Then cut straight down, cutting the fabric so the triangle is cut in half. The cut off piece will look like a rectangle when unfolded.

7.     Glue down that edge. Then flip of the long sides of fabric, keeping the triangle and glue down.

8.     Repeat this on the other side.

9.     Cut the length of rope that is appropriate for your wall.  I cut 28 inches. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of this part. Ooops!

10. Use the fabric glue to attach the rope to the back of the corkboard. I used a lot of glue for this. A Lot.

a.     Alternatively, you could use epoxy to attach rope to the back of your board.  Be sure to use this stuff in a well-ventilated area and use gloves!

11. Let the glue dry over night.

12. Now for the fun part! Add your pushpins to the board and organize your jewelry on them!

13. For stud earrings, use a pushpin to make two holes and then stick your earrings right in!

Note: I used circle pushpins and these did not hold my jewelry very well. I recommend the traditional pushpin shape which holds the jewelry much better.


How do you organize your jewelry? Would you make this DIY: Corkboard Jewelry Hanger?

<3, Jordan