7 Tips to Staying Productive while Working from Home

Happy 2018!

One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to be more productive! Especially on this blog, as I have taken a bit of a hiatus.


I recently started a new job where I work from home. And so far I love it! I have been surprisingly productive working in the comfort of my pajamas with my foot heater on blast :). At dinner one night, a close friend of mine asked me how I stay focused while working from home. So I thought why not write a post about it!

Admittedly, I just started working from home about a month ago so maybe I am still in the “honeymoon” phase and am still able to get work done without getting (too) distracted.

Below I will give you my list of 7 tips to stay productive while working from home:

1.     Set “Work Hours”

This is extremely helpful for me. Like clocking in, I set my schedule (mostly for me). Set your hours so that they make sense for you. For example, although I work from home, I am not my own boss. My boss lives on the East coast so she sends emails way earlier than my alarm clock goes off. To somewhat accommodate, I set my start time at 7:00am. Because I start early, I set a lose end time of 4:00 – 4:30pm.


2.     Dedicated “Office Space”

I know it is a luxury to have a dedicated office space, but it sure is helpful! Having a space that tells you, you are in “work mood” helps to focus your mind and remove distractions. For instance, sitting on the couch while watching TV with your laptop on your lap (which I guess is technically where it is supposed to go…) is not very conducive to getting work done. Well for me anyways.  Even if you do not have a dedicated room for work, try to dedicate a space. Maybe it’s the kitchen table, or the breakfast bar. Having a dedicated space also helps the people in your life know when you are in “work mode” so hopefully the outside distractions will be limited.

3.     Getting Ready in the Morning

I like to get ready in the morning. Wash my face, brush my teeth, fill in my eyebrows, and put on mascara. It’s not a full “get ready” but enough to wake me up. This isn’t for everybody but it helps me feel like I am getting ready for the day!

4.     Listen to Background Music (No lyrics!)

I am a biiigggg fan of background noise! I like to listen to Podcasts or TV shows when I clean the house or am doing simple tasks. My first few days working from home I attempted to work in silence and I kept feeling antsy like I needed something else to do so I would inevitably grab for my phone and get distracted. I quickly realized I needed background noise. So I started listening to the “Peaceful Piano” radio station on Spotify! My Gosh!! This station is perfect! No lyrics! Beautiful songs! And I am immediately in the zone. The music calms my anxiety and I am down to business!

5.     Set Breaks

Even with “Peaceful Piano” playing in the background, I still get distracted. I will give in and say, “Ok, 15 min on Instagram or 10 min on Pinterest and then I put this dang phone down!”  Giving yourself permission to take a short break is one of the perks of working at home; just don’t get crazy!


6.     Put Your Phone Far Away from You

On that note, when I put my phone down, I put it far away from me. This helps me THINK before I pick up my phone, which helps me keep my distractions to a minimum.

7.     Get Outside!

I love taking my laptop and going to a coffee shop or wine bar to do work. Something about being surrounded by others working, makes me feel more motivated to get work done. Also, it is nice to be outside the house! Going for a walk or getting in a work out class, also falls into this category. Having a workout class scheduled helps me stay on track and gives me a deadline for getting work done.


Working from home has the potential to be a blessing or a curse. Take advantage of the freedom of working from home but don’t let that freedom get the best of you! Good Luck and let me know your tips for staying focused and being productive when working from home!