White Peach Sangria

Yay! Summer is here!

Living in San Diego, all I can think of is Sun, Sand, and... Sangria!!

I haven’t always made my own sangria. My college days were filled with Carlo Rossi Sangria by the gallon! Yumm! (I am not above $8/gallon sangria!!) However, whipping up your own sangria is soo easy and I love the wine-soaked fruit gift at the end. 

It is easy to make in batches for a summer BBQ or you can whip up two glasses just for you and your lovely. It’s fancy enough to make you feel like you're really doing something... adult-ish.

I have always been more of a fan of red wine, and thus red wine sangria (recipe coming next week!), but recently I have been experimenting with white wine and I have not been disappointed! 

White wine perfectly complements a warm sunset. I mean a crisp Sauvignon Blanc... yes please! Rosé... anyone? Me!

I have been craving a refreshing, fruity white peach sangria. The hubby has been raving to me about Ciroc Peach, so I thought I would throw it in the mix! I decided to use a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand because they are usually semi-sweet and crisp which was exactly what I was looking for.

To play off the Ciroc Peach, I blended some fresh mango with 100% pure apple juice to make a delicious fruit base for the sangria.

In a shaker, I mixed the Ciroc Peach, white wine, peach chunks, and ice. In an ice filled glass, I first poured in the mango puree, then the white wine/Ciroc Peach mix, and then topped with sparkling water for a refreshing fizz!

I must say this was delicious! I mean... WOW! I finished my glass too fast. I just made two glasses but this recipe can easily translate to a pitcher. This would be perfect for a Fourth of July party! Add star ice cubes to make it festive!