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Hi and Welcome to our blog! This is our first blog... ever! 

My husband, Stephen, and I decided to start this blog so we can chat with people and build a community! We moved to San Diego last year and as “adults” (whatever that means), we have found it hard to meet new people and maintain a relationship with them after our first meeting. 

By Donna Salberg Photgraphy

By Donna Salberg Photgraphy

Now that we are both out of school, it is much more difficult to meet people. We have talked about starting a wine club, or a cheese club, or some kind of club to form a foundation for a community of integrated individuals. What we inevitably landed on was this online community where we can talk about topics we LOVE and answer questions that we get asked alllll the time! 

A little background on me: I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles. I was raised by my amazing mother and my eclectic grandma. I have verrrry curly hair and my mom used to put my hair in braids for easy handling. One day when I was 2 or 3 years old, I told my mom to just leave the braids in. I was sick and tired of wash day and painful detangling (as I am sure you know!). She told me that they would grow in to dreadlocks (locs) and I said “OK!” (probably due to the reggae concerts I had frequented. I know, I started early!)

I have had my locs since then (almost 27 years)!! A few years ago, I decided that I wanted a “hair change” (girls, you know what I am talking about!) so I decided for my 30th birthday I would comb out my locs! Yes, COMB out my locs. 

By Donna Salberg Photography

By Donna Salberg Photography

I am in the midst of combing out my locs and will post about how I go about doing that very soon (stay tuned!). It is a long and an emotional process of literally letting my hair down. Locs have become part of my identity, which is why I want to change it up. I think it will be an opportunity to get to know myself again and I am extremely excited to get to know my hair. 

Last year, I graduated with my PhD in Molecular Biology! Yay! While in school, I participated in Student Government and at the Career Center. I learned so much about how to network, land an interview, make the most out of LinkedIn, etc from working in the Career Center at my University. I am excited to share some of those tips with you!

I, also, LOVE to DIY everything! I crochet, make cards, just finished a sewing class, and do random arts and crafts for around the house. I just love getting my hands in everything and I will take you along with me as I do!

A little background on Stephen: He grew up on the east coast in a little state known as Delaware. His dad moved to Los Angeles when he was in middle school so he spent the summers and some holidays on the west coast.

He got introduced into the restaurant industry early, working at a local country club in high school. In college, he continued to work in restaurants on both the east and the west coasts, specializing in cooking seafood and steak (Yum!). He decided to go to college in Southern California where he could keep up with his surfing! (Thank goodness he did! Read our Wedding Post!) After graduating, he continued to work in upscale restaurants and also went on to become a sommelier.

It doesn't hurt that he comes from a family of excellent cooks. From an early age he learned the fundamentals of cooking from his Mother in Delaware. His family cooks meals that are heads and tails above anything I have had out at a restaurant! And they know how to pick a good bottle of wine too! (I am a lucky girl!)

By Donna Salberg Photography

By Donna Salberg Photography

Some questions that Stephen, my excellent-cook-wine-expert-husband, always gets asked are:

  • How do you choose the right wine at the right price?
  • What kind of wine pairs with:_______ ?
  • What kind of wine do you drink with Thanksgiving dinner/ Turkey?
  • Where do you buy wines?
  • Is this wine corked? What does corked mean?
  • How do I taste wine like a pro?
  • How do I order wine off a menu?
  • Wow this is delicious!! How did you make it?! 

Some questions that I always get are:

  • Who does your hair?
  • Since you have locs, do you wash your hair?
  • How long have you had locs?
  • Is that a wig?
  • Why are you taking your locs out?
  • How did you get your PhD? In what? How did you stay motivated?
  • How did you get a job after grad school?

What questions do you have for us?!

We will be answering all of these questions and more on our blog so stay tuned!

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We cannot wait to connect with you all! Stay Tuned for more post!

By Donna Salberg Photography

By Donna Salberg Photography

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